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June 11th, 2008


I'm new to blogging and just really want to introduce myself. I'm a fine artist who lives in West Los Angeles and has a studio in the Historic Helms Bulding in Culver City. I am currently being represented by 2 different galleries, Metro Gallery in Silverlake and Dezart One Gallery in Palm Springs. As soon as I figure it out how, I will be adding the gallery info to my profile here. I am currently in a group titled "“Converging Gestures of Lines and Texture”, curated by Juan Garcia of Metro Gallery. It's not in a usual art space IE a gallery. It is in what is known as the Washington Corridor. It's a very cool space that's huge, almost a block long. If you interested in seeing the show you'll need to contact Metro Gallery at (323) 633-2787 to arrange an appointment, but it's well worth it. There's some beautiful painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor and some incredible sculptural work by artist Alsion Wright. She combines building materials with natural elements to create thought provoking imagery.

My work is currently abstract/nonrepresentational done in oil paint. It reflects my obsession with compulsion and repetition. In the process imitating life, my paintings are not precise, there a little loose. Most of work is nature inspired. I take hundreds of photographs of nature and pull put color, lighting and texture patterns to work from. I believe that nature is an exquisite example discordant repetition. There are thousands of leaves on some trees and no two alike. There is beauty in the disharmony, the offness. I pull the richness of natrual color into my paintings. In my Radiation Series I take nature, break it down and reassamble at an atomic level. I capture the energy and lifeforce of nature. Things that I sadly think are too often overlooked.
Studio visits are availble by appointment - call 1-866-293-7724