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Dean Triolo Fine Art Paintings

Leaving Not A Trace by Dean Triolo Altar Piece by Dean Triolo Transitions Blue by Dean Triolo My Mind on a Long Afternoon Nap by Dean Triolo Radiation with Green and Yellow  by Dean Triolo But For Their Voices by Dean Triolo Autumn, Darkening Now by Dean Triolo

Dean Triolo Fine Art Photography

Ancient Mesopotamian Man 2021 by Dean Triolo Mesopotamian Lion Mosaic 2021 by Dean Triolo Broken God 2021 by Dean Triolo Mosiac Rabbit 2021 by Dean Triolo Alexander in Mosaic Floor 2021 by Dean Triolo Aphrodite and Eros 2021 by Dean Triolo Greek Mask 2021 by Dean Triolo

Classic Cruise Ship Posters

RMS Alcantara Postcard 1950 by Unknown S.S. La Lorraine Travel Postcard by Fred Pansing Cruise Ship Travel Postcard by Uknown SS Munargo Travel Postcard by Uknown SS Ile de France Travel Postcard by Uknown White Star Lines RMS Titanic Advertising Poster  by Unknown American Line New York Southhampton Travel Poster  by Uknown

Master Works

The Magic Flute  by Marc Chagall Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent van Gogh Peonies 1864 by Edouard Manet Notre Dame 1899 by Maximilien Luce Spring Night 1913 by Ernest Lawson Girl Seated by the Sea 1893 by Robert Henri Rue Montmartre 1889 by Frederick Childe Hassam

Pre Raphaelite And Fantasy Paintings

The Birth of Venus 1486 by Sandro Botticelli Saint George and the Dragon 1868 by Edward Burne Jones Primavera 1470 by Sandro Botticelli Hope 1886 by George Frederic Watts Love and Life 1885 by George Frederic Watts The Minotaur 1886 by George Frederick Watts The Angel of Death 1870 by George Frederick Watts

The Impressionists

Child in a Room 1900 by Edouard Vuillard Bathers 1892 by Paul Cezanne Morning Awakening 1877 by Eva Gonzales Study of Flowers 1866 by Frederic Bazille Boating 1874 by Edouard Manet Bridge at Ipswich 1905  by Theodore Wendel Willimantic Connecticut 1903  by Julian Alden Weir

The Quintessential Art Of Food And Wine

The Cup That Cheers Victorian Trading Card 1820 by Unknown La Marquisette Liqueur Advertising Poster 1900 by Leonetto Cappiello Toute lalimentation au Comptoir des viandes, Grenoble 1925 by Rob d Ac Victor Clicquot Champagne Advertisement  1900 by Achille Lucien Mauzan A la Menagere Cookware Poster ca 1900 by Ludwig Hohlwein Rajah Coffee Advertising Poster 1899 by Henri Privat-Livemont Margarine Pellerin de Malaunay Advertising Poster 1897 by Georges Blott

Metaphysical and Occult Images

Horoscopium Botanicum 1643 by Athanasius Kircher The Key to Dantes Divine Comedy 1928 by John Augustus Knapp Monumentum Antiquissimum Chaldeeorum ca 18th Century by Unknown Ankh and Sunwheel from the Egyptian Book of the Dead 1300 BCE by Ani Winged Egyptian Goddess Maat 18th Dynasty 1323 BC by Unknown Pythagoras Greek Mathematician 1928  by John Augustus Knapp Pythagoras Engraving 1655 by Unknown

Hiroshige Wood Block Prints

Cherry Blossoms on the Shinjuku Embankment at Yotsuya by Utagawa Hiroshige Shichiri Beach at Kamakura in Sagami Province by Utagawa Hiroshige Moon and Flowers by Utagawa Hiroshige A Golden Pheasant with Pine in Snow by Utagawa Hiroshige Autumn Flowers in Front of the Full Moon by Utagawa Hiroshige Peacock and Peonies by Utagawa Hiroshige Three Wild Geese Flying Downward across the Moon by Utagawa Hiroshige

Vintage Travel Art

Palotaszallo Lillafured Travel Poster 1928 by Unknown M. Kir. Folyam-es Tengerhajozais R.T. Travel Poster 1915 by Unknown Budapest Travel Poster 1925 by Tibor Polya Hotel Matra Gyongyos Luggage Label 1950 by Unknown Czech Winter Travel Poster 1930 by Unknown Hotel Victoria, Freiburg, Germany Luggage Label 1920 by Unknown Hotel Berlin Luggage Label by Uknown